Re: More MAP problems...

From: Rama (
Date: 09/23/99

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From: Emil Nilimaa <>
Date: giovedý 23 settembre 1999 8.36
Subject: More MAP problems...

>Ok i got the mapsnip from the ftp site, compiled...
>however, how do i create the rooms for the map?
>the contains the room nr, like
>1001 1002 1003
>1004 1005 etc.
>what should the zone files contain?

you must build your normal area with this file
.wld  (in this file you must put all the number that you put into linked in correct way and with the flag map)

>and anyone got the Mapgen program included in the mapsnip
>to work?

no i use cartograph

if you would like i can send to you a "esempio" (sorry i don't know the word
in eng) of my area and my file so you learn how to use it.



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