From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 09/23/99

        If you grabbed my moblist patch recently (the one that fixes
sporadic crashes from within mobact if you're doing extractions), you may
want to make a minor change.

        With that patch, when a mob is created, it is added to the
master_list, as the first entry.  The master list is always run as a LIFO
queue so, if you have a spec_proc or mobile activity which creates another
mob, it will go 'next' after the current mob is done.

        This causes a problem if you're stupid and have mobs that, for
example, have a random chance to duplicate themselves, because the newly
created mob will have a chance to fire it's proc/activity as well.

        I wrote up a script to have a mob load itself 100% of the time,
and sure enough, crash (after a couple of minutes of unresponsiveness).
The quick & easy fix, just change the references in read_mobile or
create_mobile or whatever it's called from master_list to secondary_list.
This will delay that mobs actions till the next mobile activity pulse.


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