Re: char_player_data problem, again...

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 09/23/99

Zeavon wrote:

> I could be wrong, but I bet you have something like:
> ch->titlea = "with a big nose"
> OR
> ch->titlea = argument;

Actually, these lines will not cause a seg fault, the first line will simply
have the compiler create a string constant and set the ch->titlea pointer to
point to it, the second line will simply point ch->titlea to the same string as
argument (this may cause a problem later, though, if argument is a local
variable and a read attempt on ch->title is attempted from another function).

I'm guessing that you probably meant to give an example like the following...

strcpy(ch->titlea, "with a big nose");

strcpy(ch->titlea, argument);

If ch->titlea has not first been set to point to a properly allocated area of
memory this will almost always cause some type of problem and usually end up
causing a seg. fault.



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