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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/24/99

> I don't know about this... Within a month or two of starting work on the
> mud, I ran out of room and had to dive into the 128 bit soup. Right now
> here are my counts for flags:
> Player flags: 18
> Mob Flags: 58
> Preference Flags: 31
> Affect Flags: 53
> Object Flags: 48
> Room Flags: 40
> As you can see, there's no way that 32 bits would be enough. Especially
> not for the mobile flags.

        I agree, there are many many modifications you can make, and while
the easiest of these does come down to putting them in extra flags, by and
large, that is just the lazy man's solution.

        For example, say you want to add new aggro states, corresponding
to each class, or race (if you have them).  Well, about this time, you'll
realize that it's probably easier to encapsulate like variables, and
create either a new structure (something more advanced then just on or
off) which will require a paradigm shift away from the old 'on/off' type.
So, instead of 12+8 new bitvectors, you create a small struct which allows
you to say, be aggro to elves, and to all evil clerics, except elven
clerics whom you're afraid of (anti-aggro.. tendancy to flee).

        In actuallity, I use any of the generic bitvectors for that
exactly - groups of non-related misc. generic on/off settings.  Anything
that's more complex gets it's own attention.


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