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From: Tony Maro (
Date: 09/27/99

Mmm... I've always wanted to put emotions into my Mobiles to affect the
way they act.  And to add semi-intelligent speech to some mobiles as well.

I was thinking of tracking emotions and traits such as:

and also affecting things by their Intelligence and Wisdom.  For speaking,
mobs have a large array of possible phrases that words could be inserted
into based on the emotions and stats.  Each phrase would also have a
subject code attached such as smalltalk, weather, questsoandso, etc.

For instance, talking about the
weather on a clear summer day, a shopkeep might say:

"It's a wonderful day isn't it?" <happy>
"I wish this damn heat would go away." <angry>
"Shutup!"  <very angry>
"Uh... It's nice outside, huh?" <low INT score>

Could even set an array for each mob of subjects it will talk about.

The word insertions would be used for quests or other things keyed to
certain MOB's.  Sort of a spruced up Eliza.

Hearing routines would pick keywords out of players speech to trigger
the conversations.  Higher intelligence MOB's would be more likely
to start a conversation on their own.

Okay, that's a lot, but it's just a concept.  Your newbies will appreciate
it more than the veterans... newbies love to explore where most old-timers
tend to turn more hack and slash or socialize with players.

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> > Basically, my suggestion is to *fake* it.  I did some work a
> long time ago
> > on a logic engine for mobiles.  This basically provided a comprehensive
> I've already faked it for combat and a few other things as well, but there
> just seems like there is so much more than can be done with making the
> mobiles more active. I don't want them to take the place of the players.
> The players are the key people of the world and I don't want them to live
> in the shadow of a pseudo-intelligent creation of mine. Now that the faked
> intelligence is in place (for the most part,) I'd just like to move on and
> see what's around the next corner.

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