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Date: 09/29/99

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

> Well, if you ever catch the problem in action, get its process id (PID)
> from 'ps' and do, "kill -s 11 <pid>" filling in for <pid> as appropriate.
> This will cause your MUD to crash, reporting that it experienced a
That was a great idea, thanks. :)

> difficult to see at first glance.  The idea is not to find it exactly with
> the logging statements, but your choices down so you can more closely
> inspect individual blocks of code.
*nod* I'm already doing that (as of yesterday) trying to log nearly
anything happening, even though the logging will erh, for a period explode
totally and utterly, I think that will be the best way in the end.

> developers.  Erwin S. Adreasen, I believe, wrote a treatise on the use of
> RCS for mud programmers that should be available on Ceramic Mouse.  As
> you're undoubtedly already aware, we use CVS for official development of
> CircleMUD.  Learn it, love it, live it.
I can only Agree 110%, I am using CVS, A wonderful tool for development,
since it's quite easy to track changes (Even more so with the CVSweb cgi
script). Unfortunately, the sourcecode first got into CVS 6 months ago,
and although the problem wasn't apparent before that, I cannot say if
existed or not *cry* :). I think you're right, the only way is through log
and a lot of watching. Thanks for the great input.


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