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Date: 09/30/99

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>      AI is bad. That's right, it's bad.  Mull over that for a second.
I've mulled over that very long, and everytime I go "No, it's not
worth the effort.". Should I ever do it, I would be doing it because I had
no more to improve (God forbid that ever happens.. :), But as the Original
questioner (Sorry, can't remember name) said, 'I'm doing it for my own

We had a discussion on the mud sometime back, where the Question of AI
came up, one of the guys wanted me to code AI into the mobs, which then
could be turned on with a flag of "AI", Perhaps give it a role, Fighter or
hunter, but then it wouldn't be true AI. The discussion went a bit
further, imagine this, at our place we have 100 levels, this of course
means that mobs can be level 100 as well. Now, AI should survive over
reboots, kills and whatnot, How many newbies would survive?

Once a Powerfull mob finds out "Ah, I can kill up to this level without
any problems", you have a mud that is run by Mobs, Newbies would have a
chance. Players could group, but to what use? Mobs would learn this, and
figure a way to group with each other. Mobs would learn to group, to heal
eachother, to use the skills. We then made some calculations based on
totally imaginative numbers, and our prognosis for OUR mud showed that no
player would survive after 6 months. That is provided the player moves out
of "safe rooms" and That all mobs are AI.

(un?)Fortunatly, I do not possess the skills to program something like
this. Even though, it could be enormous fun to see what would happen, also
how mobs would react, how fast they would learn to speak, to eat. What
they would do. They would need some sort of primer, Our suggestion would
be that a couple of players could become 'parents' for a couple of mobs.

Argh.. I'm getting sidetracked here.. :) Guess that happens when you have
a biologist as one of the implementors.. (No not me, my Fiancee)


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