Starting up a new MUD

From: Matthew G. Allen (
Date: 10/01/99

I am in the process of coding for a new Circle based MUD I am developing.
I used to run Darkrealm as Raistln for all those who remember. I was
wondering what is the normal ammount of players for a MUD to have nowadays
? Also, have has the community changed in the past few years ?

Next - I am in the process of getting a DSL line installed at my
appartment. I dont feel like paying someone to give me a site, nor do I
feel like going in half and half with someone to get a free site. I'll be
running it on my Redhat 6.0 machine at home.

The MUD will be based on Gibson's Neuromancer and the Shadow Run series of
games. I want to hanle the coding myself, but I could use a few good world
builders/admin people. If you are hanging around on thie list,looking for
a new project, and have experience world building - drop me a line. I have
about 15 days before the DSL line is installed and my domain is
registered, so I have some time to work on worlds - I do need help. Please
use this line for correspondance until I post differently from new new

Last question - is anyone out there currently working on a project like
this, and if so - can we trade notes ?

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