Re: Very annoying hanging problem.....

From: Xual (
Date: 10/05/99

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Jamie Nay wrote:

> OK, here's the problem...... nobody can get past the "connected to blahblah"
> message, it just stays there... no greeting, no login, nothing. I have NO
> IDEA what's wrong... syslogs don't show anything out of the ordinary.
> Here's my info: Circle bpl15, Cygnus b20, windows 98.... yeah yeah yeah,
> linux is coming.... eventually.

A little more information please...  What changes did you make between the
time you could log on and now?  What exactly does the syslog tell you?  Can
you connect from localhost?  Unfortunately, my crystal ball was destroyed by
a rampaging herd of penguins and a replacement isn't expected to arrive
any time soon ;)

"Misery is boundless"
        -Xual the Torturer, on the Eve of the Sundering.

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