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From: Zeavon (
Date: 10/10/99

On Sat, 9 Oct 1999, Mike Carpenter wrote:

> Below is the information puked out from gdb...I believe it is the
> result of using snoop?  Anyone have some insight as to what the
> following may mean? Not sure if I need to include the code that goes
> along with this, but was hoping maybe this is something seen before or
> is common, *shrug* Thanks for the help in using gdb Xual.

What makes you think that is has to do with snoop. I'm not doubting your
assesment of the problem, but I'd like to hear the logic behind it just to
see where you're going with it.

If you think that it has something to do with snoop, here is how I broke

I added a char_data variable that stored the page length that a player
wanted and used that as a page break length when looking at the board,
reading helpfiles, etc.

When snooped and looking at a board, the system would crash because it was
trying to access ch->page_length, but that didn't exist because ch was a
mob, not the player. I fixed it by doing something like this:

if (d->original)
  page_break_point = d->original->page_length;
  page_break_point = d->character->page_length;

Perhaps you have created a similar situation?

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