Re: Is there a mail bug?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 10/12/99

Del wrote:

> Someone told me they found a bug in stock mud with mail.
> If a character deletes and is recreated with same name, they say the
> mail will be sent to the first character. Is this correct?
> I can not test it at the moment, so I am askin the list.

Circle stores both the sender and recipient of MudMail by thier player
ID# and not thier name.  So whoever has a particular player's ID number
will get the mail.  When a deleted player's name is reused the new
player gets a new ID number, so basically put the mail will not be
recieved by the new player or any players after that (someone correct me
if I'm wrong, but I believe that old ID numbers are never reassigned).

While I did not test specifically for what you are saying, unless Circle
has a specific mechanism for changing the ID number of the player in the
MudMail file when the player is recreated (and I see no reason why any
such code would be implemented), it is just as possible for any random
player to get another player's MudMail as it is for a new player to get
an old player's MudMail (and it's just as possible that the MUD will
switch two player's entirely, in other words, it won't happen).



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