Re: Is there a mail bug?

From: Plazmic (
Date: 10/13/99

> > Someone told me they found a bug in stock mud with mail.
> > If a character deletes and is recreated with same name, they say
> the
> > mail will be sent to the first character. Is this correct?
> > I can not test it at the moment, so I am askin the list.
> Circle stores both the sender and recipient of MudMail by thier
> player
> ID# and not thier name.  So whoever has a particular player's ID
> number
> will get the mail.  When a deleted player's name is reused the new
> player gets a new ID number, so basically put the mail will not be
> recieved by the new player or any players after that (someone
> correct me
> if I'm wrong, but I believe that old ID numbers are never
> reassigned).

But if a character is created using a deleted characters name, I
believe it reuses the ID number, thus sending the original
character's mail to the new one.

It'd probably be best to zap all the character's mail when they are
deleted, just to be on the safe side.

Just my 2 cents,

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