Re: Subscription

From: Alex (
Date: 10/13/99

> I have been attempting for at least the last month to sign up for the
> CircleMUD mailing list on another email address so I dont have to keep
> checking my hotmail. But neither I, or ANY of my staff has received approval
> in the 2-3 times we've attempted to subscribe since we reincarnated
> IllusionMUD. Is there a specific reason why, or are our requests not getting
> through for some reason? Please let me know.
Yes, but first, *DO NOT* send notes like this to the list.  It is somewhat
counter productive.

Second, I've got a list of people to subscribe, I'm working through it,
but right now my time is *ultra-limited* as I'm trying to do the work of
two full time systems jobs.

So in other words, bear with me, hang on a bit, all of the subscriptions
that made it through to me *will* be added, in time.


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