Re: [NEWBIE] Can't configure...

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 10/28/99

Miguel Chavez Gamboa wrote:
> hello again, thanks for your time.
> I tried to run ./configure with mud account, and the result is the same; i
> examine the config.log and it seems that the file "crt1.o" is missing; the
> linker reports it. (usr/bin/ld). I tried to make another little program and
> tried to compile it, and the problem is the same, cant find the file
> "crt1.o".
> Is the Linux installation wrong?...

sounds like it.  you've not got all of the C Run Time (CRT) stub
installed.  how to fix it depends on your system but you'll probably
need to go into your setup/install tool and find the relevant part that
you need to get installed (I've not got red hat so I can't point you at
the relevant part)  you probably need to install the development
libraries or something similair.


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