Re: Zeditor

From: James Smith (
Date: 11/05/99

>I've got the formats for everything but the zeditor.  It's not that I
>couldn't make it quickly, but I'm still not curious how it ought to look.
Well since your "not" curious I hope this doens't bug you to much when I
   Or, I can make it look, graphical I suppose.. little gingerbread
>men shapes you drag onto a room, and then drag items/weapons into both
>mobs and the room.....

Since IMO one of the hardest things to do is the gaining of new builders I
would suggest you gear it towards them. Me myself I would like to see a
graphical format, how though would you implement such a thing? Where would
you pull these items from and how would you specify the type of item. Say
for instance you pull in a ring icon and drop it on the mobs pic would you
then in turn be prompted for a vnum?
I vote for the graphical, typically visuals are a lot easier to work with,
especially for newbie builders. If it's also quicker then that's another
plus.  The only problem I might see is how it would or if it could support
scripts. I have a script for each xedit program in OLC. So when I run the
script it just prompts mer for the same info in OLC but it allows me to
create multiple ones at the same time by specifying a mutitude of vnums.


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