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From: Zeavon (
Date: 11/08/99

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Peter Ajamian wrote:

> Nice solution except it will only work if the player is in the
> CON_PLAYING state.  if the player is, for example, composing a board
> message, or a mudmail, or writing his description from the option off
> of the main menu, it will still allow the use of color codes in there.
> If you want to prevent players from using color codes in all states of
> connectedness then try something similar in game loop right before it
> checkes the CON_ state of players with pending input.

The fix for this is to parse through the message when it is saved and
remove all color codes unless the person is an immortal or has a flag that
allows the to do color or whatever logic you want to use.

I do that with the enhanced editor. When an entry gets saved, it scans
through the entire thing and replaces all ~ with ^ so that my ASCII pfiles
and world files don't get screwed up by errant ~'s.

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