Re: [Q]Change in new bpl's.

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 11/10/99

Tony Robbins wrote:
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 8:29 AM
> Subject: [Q]Change in new bpl's.
> I noticed that the array *spells[]  isn't used anymore and instead
> they incorporated the spells name into the spello in spell_parser.c.
> This is fine, and I like it, but my only question is now how are we
> supposed to call a spells names when you can't call the *spells[] array?
> ---
> spell_info[spellnum].name (or whatever the name of the variable is, see the
> struct in spells.h).

The other method (which is safer in case your num is too big, or small,
avoids accessing something out of your spell_info array) is to use
spell_name(spellnum).  check it out in spell_parser.c


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