Re: [NEWBIE]Invalid names

From: Strider Aragorn (
Date: 11/10/99

They way I got around this was to include two lists.  One with names that
couldn't be ANYWHERE in the name:
           if (strstr(tempname, unacceptable_list[i]))
And a list that had names that I didn't WANT the person to have (ie: if
there was a NPC or something that had the name, and I didn't want a player
taking it.
            if (!strcmp(tmpname, nouse_list[i]))

There is a little bit more to it (loading the list, etc) but copy the code
already there and it should be easy.

Strider Aragorn

>From: Peter Ajamian <pajamian@CHEAPSAM.COM>
>Emil Nilimaa wrote:
> > how do i change it to be such that it only make those names
> > which only contains that particular string, and nothing else to
> > think this is the code for it in ban.c
> >
> > /* Does the desired name contain a string in the invalid list? */
> >   for (i = 0; i < num_invalid; i++)
> >     if (strstr(tempname, invalid_list[i]))
> >       return (0);
>replace this line...
>  if (strstr(tempname, invalid_list[i]))
>with this...
>if (!strcmp(tmpname, invalid_list[i]))
>A note of warning...
>There is a reason that it is setup to match any substring of a name,
>have a tendancy to skirt the issue of using deragotory names by making that
>name a substring of the entire name, hence when your game goes public and
>eventually becomes popular you will see players with names such as
>ImAMotherF_____ (fill in the blank yourself) note that players are very
>creative and it is virutually impossible to put in a check for every
>possible combination except by testing for substrings.  By changing this to
>a test which only fails if the entire name matches you are setting yourself
>up for a lot of trouble in the future.
>Regards, Peter
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