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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/20/99

Victor Wennberg wrote:
> hi, i have some questions. please answer theese questions.
> #1 if i fight a mob how to make me see the mobs current hp. not, the xxx is heavily wounded and that stuff.... i want the HP of the mob to be shown.

Look up other commands that display a player or mob's HP (it should be
basically the same for a player or a mob), or look at make_prompt in
comm.c to see how it displays a player's HP on the prompt.

> #2 if i rent in stock circle the eq will be removed (not removed from char) but removed from worn/hold/wield how to make it stay worn/hold/wield when i rent.

If you have bpl14 then get the autoeq patch from the Circle FTP site, if
you have bpl15 or later autoeq comes stock, all you have to do is find
the following lines in structs.h and change the #define from a 0 to a

 * If you want equipment to be automatically equipped to the same place
 * it was when players rented, set the define below to 1.  Please note
 * that this will require erasing or converting all of your rent files.
 * And of course, you have to recompile everything.  We need this
 * for CircleMUD 3.0 to be complete but we refuse to break binary file
 * compatibility.
#define USE_AUTOEQ      0       /* TRUE/FALSE aren't defined yet. */

> #3 how to change the prompt i don't want  *hp *gris *moves >  i want
> [ *hp *gris *moves ]

Look in the make_prompt function in comm.c

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