[Newbie][code] Stock Code

From: Dalamar (Dalamar@inetnow.net)
Date: 11/20/99

Ok, Maybe I am doing somthing wrong. I took Stock code, bpl15, added the
DG_scripts 7a with OLC, useing patch, no Rej. I then used MSVC++ 6.0 to
compile, and run, when doing so I get no errors. When I started playing any
time a NPC dies, it crashes. Also when the Mud loads I get a ton of Objects
is in_room when equip. I was able to get the hit command to work by just
bypassing the hitprcnt_mtrigger, I know that doesnt fix the problem, but
does narrow it down. Also for some reason, I cant edit anything in OLC. I
looked over the code a few times and I cant see anything that seems out of

I have been playing with about 8 different srcs and finily made a choice on
which I wanted to run, and what "features" I wanted.
Was going to take stock 15, add DG scripts with OLC, and then races... Maybe
I am going about this the wrong way, Any Ideas?


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