Re: [Newbie][code] Stock Code & DG_Scripts in BPL16

From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 11/21/99

>Del wrote:
>> BPL16 and DG_Scripts:
>> Not sure if anyone has put it in there yet.. I am working on puttin it in..
>> stock 16, with oasis 2.0 and dg scripts.
>> Having fun since george moved code all over.. but should have it done within
>> a few days..
>> and upload it to
>I fixed DG_SCRIPTS 7a to work with bpl16 and created a new patch from
>it, I sent the new patch to Mark and he said he'd put it up on the site
>but I haven't seen it yet.

        Yeah, that reset_zone in db.c was quite a mess.  I just totally
rewrote it.

        I have a stock bpl16 with dg l7a and Oasis 2.0.  Sent it to george
over a month ago
but never checked to see if it ever actually was put up on the ftp site.
Looks like I wasn't the
only person who sat there with a pot of java and painfully hand patched it
all together.  Glad I
did however.  Few bugs here, slop code over finds alot when
hand patching.

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