Re: [Newbie][code] Stock Code & DG_Scripts in BPL16

From: Michael Stilson (
Date: 11/21/99

On Sun, 21 Nov 1999, Del wrote:

> >time a NPC dies, it crashes. Also when the Mud loads I get a ton of Objects
> >is in_room when equip. I was able to get the hit command to work by just
> BPL16 and DG_Scripts:
> Not sure if anyone has put it in there yet.. I am working on puttin it in..
> stock 16, with oasis 2.0 and dg scripts.
> Having fun since george moved code all over.. but should have it done within
> a few days..
> and upload it to

I just finished putting that in the other day.. not from stock, patch from
dg6-7, etc..

but as for the in_room, there's a line in db.c assigning the room the obj
is in.. a couple macros.  I commented it out and that did away with it..

sorry I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's fairly obvious to
see where it was assigning a room number to the object.


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