Re: [Newbie][code] Stock Code & DG_Scripts in BPL16

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/21/99

Del wrote:
> take note this dg has oasis 1.6x.
> I am working on oasis 2.0 and putting in scripts to it

Yes, this is basically the latest version of cg_scripts complete with
Oasis OLC which was originally created for circle30bpl15.  I simply got
it patched into circle30bpl16, fixed one or two minor bugs (but didn't
get around to fixing the zedit new bug).  It does come with oasis OLC
1.6a (not 2.0) so if you want the absolute newest version of Oasis
you'll have to upgrade from the 1.6a to the latest version, or you may
be able to patch this in, reverse patch oasis 1.6a and then patch in
oasis 2.0.

Regards, Peter

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