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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 11/22/99

Zeavon Calatin wrote:
> Such is the life of a coder... Not everything will be given to you on a
> silver platter. Find one error in the code that you CAN fix, then move on to
> another that you can fix and continue to do that until there are no more
> errors left.
> One way of making the task less daunting is to dump the compiler output
> (errors and all) to a textfile that you can then edit, make notes in and
> mark what you want to fix and in what order. To do that simply type:

While the idea of dumping to a text file is a good one, you should
always fix errors in the order they appear.  The reason is because often
times errors shown further down are simply the result of the compiler
getting confused by earlier errors.  Fix the first error and many times
most or all of the rest will dissappear.

> make > FILENAME_GOES_HERE 2>&1

you can also use "make &> filename" (does the same thing).

Regards, Peter

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