[STAFF NEEDED !!!] Dragon Keep

From: Matthew G. Allen (alle8965@kutztown.edu)
Date: 11/22/99

From the creator of Darkrealm...

The Dragon Keep

World builders/coders/admin people DESPERATLY needed. The MUD is running
on my own LINUX machine. Full 384K bandwidth both ways.

I already have coding in progress and mainly need builders/admin team.
Extra coders will speed up the process. OLC will NOT be implemented so
builders must be able to (or be will to learn) build by hand.

Some people already replied to a post that I did earlier (before my
connection got set up_ and I appologize for not being able to get back to
them. I had a family crisis to deal with. All who I spoke with earlier are
welcome to join in. (Just mention that you did.)

Telnet to : thesprawl.org 4000

Beta testers needed as well. Anyone that you can get will be appreciated.
See you ONLINE !!!

Raistln (Implementor)

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