Re: Bpl16, Oasis 2.0 and DG scripts

From: George Greer (
Date: 11/24/99

On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Cris Jacobin wrote:

>>Is there something I am missing?
>>Oasis 2.1?

He meant 2.0.1 instead of 2.1.


That's my desktop box on a modem by the way (hence 'moving') so if you
can't connect at any particular time of the day, don't be suprised, just
try back later.  As soon as I have fixed the problems I know of
([1234]), I'll put it
somewhere more accessible.

>Not sure if there is anything more recent in his working dir, but as I
>said previously these small changes have helped sedit's stability.

I didn't expect it to be that noticeable of a change (nor did I test the
second half of the patch extensively), but you can get the above mentioned
files (5) from temporarily.

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