DG Scripts in bpl 16

From: Tony Robbins (robbinsw@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 12/02/99

Hi all, I'm trying to get DG Scripts to work in bpl 16, but no such luck as
of yet.

If I patch the bpl15 patch (the one that includes Oasis 1.6b) into 16 and
fix the rejects, I have the problem that I get a lot of in_room when Equip
error logs (which I fix) and that the MUD freezes up when trying to CREATE()
space for the new object table when saving a new object in oedit.  I simply
haven't been able to figure out the second bug, but it seems like it's just
trying to get more and more memory, as eventually my computer starts locking
up as well (I'm running Cygwin32 on Windows 98).

Anyway, input would be helpful.


BTW, what happened to the bpl16 patch I had heard was coming out?

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