object procs

From: Jason Beeland (jbeeland@speedfactory.net)
Date: 12/09/99

Hi all, i was wondering if any of you could point me to an existing example,
or give me a tip for this problem.
I want to make a weapon that will do something special when a pc kills a mob
with it.  Like maybe
cast an animate dead spell on the corpse.  And then if it hasn't killed
anything in a while, it would moan about being hungry.
I figure I'll just use the GET_OBJ_TIMER(weapon) member to count down till
it complains about being hungry, but I'm
not sure how to make it reset the timer when it kills a creature, and I'm
also not sure how to make it cast the effect.
I figure i could make a special case check for it in fight.c in the damage()
function, but i'd really rather find a better
way to do it if one exists.  Thanks for the help.

Veritus Silverun
silverun.dynip.com  port 7777
(still in extremely early stages, stock zones, but lots of code stuff in)

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