Weirdness in DG-Scripting

From: The Merciless Lord of Everything (
Date: 12/14/99


Just wondering if any of you out there have had the same problem, or it is
simply me who has put a comma the wrong place :)

regarding the %random.char% function, one of my builders just commented on
that it was weird and very strange and didn't work as it should, pondering
the situation, I added more debug to the syserr.

Script is very simple
set  person %random.char%
if (%person.canbeseen%)

It's a mobile Random trigger, with Narg of 20 (not that it matters
really.. :)

Oki, running the trigger results in the following error:
[ SCRIPT ERR: Trigger: Trolls are a nasty bunch, Vnum 6612,
type: 0. unknown object field: 'canbeseen', running on 'axe lochaber'  ]

Now.. *HOW* can %person% all of a sudden become an object ?? As far as I
know the %random.char% function returns a character, not an obj. Anyone
with any idea?


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