Re: Question concerning linked lists

From: Jason Beeland (
Date: 12/14/99

yeah, the list is used for tracking durations of spells.  I don't
want firetrap on doors to be perm until set off like i have it on
containers.  So i loop through the list on ticks to decriment
the timer and then remove the affect when timer is out.

I got the problem fixed.  The funny part is, it wasn't a
problem with my list (after fixing the problem u noted.  It
was the fact that at the head of the do_doorcmd function
there is a sprintf which stores some characters in buf.
then I do a damage() call in the firetrap code if the person
opening it is not the owner.  well, the damage message system
uses buf as well.  and since buf is a global variable, it then has
a different value.  Which in the case of a damage message,
includes some values which are assumed to come from a
char_data type arguemnt rather than a char string (player name
and the type of action, open close, etc), so that caused a seg fault.

Needless to say, this one was a pain to track down.
Everyone watch thos global variables.  :P  They are a
killer sometimes.  :P


   and thanks Daniel  :-)

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