[CODE][NEWBIE]Auto calc for mobs/items random summoned mobs?

From: John Bowman (nsari@geocities.com)
Date: 12/17/99

        Our builder thought of an idea that I have no idea even where to start
coding (again):

        Can it be made that a builder does not enter any kind of really specific
information when generating
items, mobs, etc.  Meaning that when Joe Builder goes to create a lvl 35 mob
he can't set it to 1 hp for his
friends to come along and gain a bunch of levels or get a lot of cash.  How
would it be made so that the mud
generates that kind of information automatically depending on lvl of mob,
type of creature, etc ?

        Also, we want to have a class that can summon a certain type of creature
with nearly random stats.

i.e.  A lvl 2 summoner would cast:  c 'summon' elemental   and a lvl 1-10
elemental would pop up and even
maybe a random type elemental but if 2 summoners of the same level were to
stand side by side and cast
this spell the mobs would almost never be exactly the same stats type etc
but the level of the creature
summoned would be within a certain range dependant on the casters level  can
mobs be generated on the
fly in such a case

John Bowman

flames to email please!

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