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From: Chris Proctor (
Date: 12/18/99

<snip everything>

I used a similar system to those described by the previous 2 posters, but
I defined a new mob type, A, for Automatic.
The builder defines the level and hitpoint-level. If the hitpoint level is
set higher than the mobs level, it gets hitpoints as a higher level mob,
but does damage as a lower level mob. This applies in reverse as well.

So you can have mobs that really dish out the damage, but are fairly easy
to kill, and big tanky mobs that hardly hit back at all. These become
interesting when players get them as followers.

The reason I did this is because otherwise mobs with special skills,
spells or affects, particularly multiple attacks, big damaging spells and
sanctuary, are improperly balanced if you don't take them into account
when deciding hitpoints. Eventually I'm going to have all of the major
spells and affects taken into account in my equations, and make most of
the mobs Automatic, but for the moment this way works, at least it reduces
the number of mobs that need to be double-checked to those that are S-type
or E-type.



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