Re: perhaps it is a NEWBIE question but i couldn't find onFAQ

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 12/20/99

Marco Felice Mengozzi wrote:
> I' d like to be able to write
> get coi
> instead of:
> get coins
> kill storm instead of kill stormbringer.
> I've started editing in Handler.c the functione generic_find, but that's
> not enough, infact get and similar command do not use this fuction,
> where can I work?
> How can I do?
> What file shoud i correct?
> I can program C but I'm not familiar wiht mud programming yet!!:-)

There's a snippet available on the Ceramic Mouse site which does exactly
what you want, I believe it's called name abbreviations, or something of
that nature.

Regards, Peter

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