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From: Brandon Phelps (
Date: 12/21/99

Ah, you are right... I should have given more info... Here is the script
Trigger Editor [1200]

1) Name         : Bot-Brandon
2) Intended for : Mobiles
3) Trigger types: Global Random
4) Numberic Arg : 100
5) Arguments    :
6) Commands:
wait 120 s
* Pick a random number
eval gotoroom %random.6%
eval saymsg %random.6%
* Control the mob
switch %saymsg%
  case 1
    say Well, Its dinner time, gotta go!
  case 2
    say Oops! I almost forgot lunch, cya later!
  case 3
    say Ewwww, it stinks in here, I'm leaving!
  case 4
    say The big game is on in 5 minutes, gotta fly!
  case 5
    say I'm tired, I think I'll hit the sack early today.
  case 6
    say My beeper is going off, I'd better go.
mecho disappears through spiraling blue flames!
switch %gotoroom%
  case 1
    mgoto 3001
  case 2
    mgoto 3001
  case 3
    mgoto 3019
  case 4
    mgoto 3023
  case 5
    mgoto 3029
  case 6
    mgoto 3033
mecho appears through spiraling blue flames!

Q) Quit
Enter Choice :

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 There are a number of ways to crash a game with a script.   For instance a
script attempting to detach itself while running.   Most of the ones I've
found follow a general theme of, 'attempting to manipulate
something which is no longer about'

 As far as tracking down your particular instance, have you tried gdb?  You
give very little information
about what your fairly long script is attempting to do.


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