Quoting and the Mailing List

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 12/22/99

I've noticed a particularily irritating trend of late.  There is a
distinct lack of *any* effort made at being polite about the amount
of material quoted, and the style in which the quoting is done.

A few notes about quoting:
* Do not quote irrelevant material that is extraneous to the discussion.
* Quote before your response, not after, and mark that it is quoted
  material.  Most useful mail readers do this with a '> ' at the beginning
  of a line.
* Remove excess sig files and mail headers.  Nobody needs to see the sig
  file four times at the end of a piece of mail.

Quoting is a *very* useful thing as it gives context for your comments.
However, when you put that context after a few hundred lines of junk,
the point is lost.  When you quote 200 lines and then put your response,
your point is lost.

Please take some care in quoting material to the list, else I will be
forced to take action and simply remove those users who cannot comply
what a _very_ simple expectation of list members.


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