Re: Crazy Idea

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 12/27/99

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Jon A. Nielsen wrote:

> This shoulds like it would work fine, but you would probably want to
> redirect the output from that to a file that you can read from within
> the mud in case there are errors. I really don't see the advantage to
> this, but if you like it, do whatever you want. You could also
> implement an online editor that can edit files on the server; maybe
> even give your immortals directories and permissions, and let them
> have files on the server. *shrug*

Of course, calling,

    system("make circle");

will block the Mud for as long as it takes the "make" process to
terminate.  You could fork() off and then compile, as in,

    if (fork() != 0)

    /* This is executed in the child process. */
    system("make circle");

But you have to consider what you're gaining from all of this.  Maybe a
minor bit of convenience?  And to get the same convenience as the shell?
You need to implement a much better editor or connect yourself to a secure
shell editor -- neither of which are trivial, and redirect output from
'make' to the Mud to display it in a useful manner.  And after you add
immortal directories, permissions, etc., it would seem you've spent a lot
of time to mimic...<wait for it>... the shell.

Probably easier is to just have the Mud do a "shutdown reboot" (perhaps
with a warning) when you send it SIGHUP from the shell with something
like, "kill -HUP <pid>".


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