Warning question... (again!)

From: J P (JoeP401@email.msn.com)
Date: 12/28/99

My apologies... my mouse is acting up (Im sure you realize I woudlnt have
sent that if I didnt have a question) so here it is in full...

 OK I have the auction.tar.gz in the circle pub contrib code 3.x or whatever
 (you get the idea)
 well I edited it so that there are no colors (sorry colors slow down my
 machione, I have no freegin clue why but they do *sigh*)

 ANYWAYS I got this error that I cant make hide nor hair of here it is:

auction.c(21) : warning C4029: declared formal parameter list different from

No lue what it means so heres a snippet form the code (the entire fucntion
that the error occurs in)

void auction_output(char *black)
  char buffer[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];
  struct descriptor_data *d;

  for (d = descriptor_list; d; d = d->next)
    if (!d->connected && d->character && !PLR_FLAGGED(d->character,
!ROOM_FLAGGED(d->character->in_room, ROOM_SOUNDPROOF)) {
      sprintf(buffer, "AUCTION: %s\r\n", black);
      send_to_char(buffer, d->character);

and the only thing that gets passed to auction_output() is a buf from
sprintf() (eg: sprintf(buf, "some lame text %s\r\n", some_crappy_var.); )

any help would be nice (I may be in AP Computer science, but Im not a
genie... err yeah...)


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