Re: Warning question... (again!) [ Profanity? ]

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 12/28/99

<< Ahh wooo hey thanks alot =) that warning was annoying the hel outta me
 couldnt figure out what it emtn for the life of me (made by nerds for nerds,
 not dumbasses like me)
  thanks again!
  --Jason >>

I have this horrible tedency to disregard emails in which the author manages
to use profanity in nearly every line.

I find myself noticing that in a lot of the more recent mails sent to the
list, that the newer members are becoming increasingly profane.  I speak for
myself, only, and not for the rest of the list (though I'm sure there are
many who'd agree) when I say that there are people who are insulted by the
use of such profanity.

In other words, I'm strongly requesting that when you send out emails to this
list (and all others, in general, for the sake of net ettiquete), that you
try to censor them before pressing send.

Thanks for your time,
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