From: James Cress (
Date: 12/28/99

When I read the FAQ (but of course) I came across a bit of code that
allowed an IMP to advance himself after upping the number of  levels
without deleting the player file.  I did the copy-and-paste thing into
the appropriate files, recompiled my mud and ran it.  I then reset the
number of levels up by one.  Recompiled, and then entered the game.  I
still had the title of Implementor but only the commands of a coder.
Also missing was the new command [(ACMD(do_upme)] which I renamed
'boost'.  Without this command, I was screwed, could not shutdown the
game, and eventually had to physically crash the game!  The exact code
that I used is straight out of the FAQ.  If anyone can locate the error
and/or a solution...?


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