Sending to a channel

From: J P (
Date: 12/28/99

Well Ive gotten an auction patch.. its pretty cool, and ive made a
ROOM_BATTLE_ARENA bitvector such that a player will not be PK marked in the
ROOM_BATTLE_ARENA marked room...(wow I amde that a ehllova lot mroe
complicated than it should be)

ANYWAYS heres my dillemma, my crisis in life:
I have absolutly no idea how to send to a channel. In the auction patch,
even if the player allows the auction chan it doesnt send any info to the
player ("goind once...twice...sold" ect...)so the only way for a person to
know whats going on is to type "auction" but for alot of players this is a
hassel (?? I have no idea why)
but all auction does is tell the person who is selling, whats for sale and
the current minimal bid and doesnt update when someone else auctions (eg.
when somone does an "auction <item> <bid>" command, noone knows about it
unless somone does an "auction" command which is bad since noone will know
unless somone continually types in "auction")
any ideas on how to fix this? Im using the auction patch located on  the

site and im using circle30bpl16

Next question:
the battle_arena stuff.. I have absolutly no idea how to go about doing this
(eg, flagging players if they listen to the CHAN_BATTLE, sending only to
CHAN_BATTLE if players are fighting in ROOM_BATTLE_ARENA) if anyone can help
or know of a tutorial-type document this would be great! =)

Thanks alot


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