Re: Repeating prompts in zMUD and bpl16,client or sever problem? was Re: Login?

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 12/29/99

Peter Ajamian wrote:
> For some strange reson zMUD does that with bpl16, it is sending extra
> carriage returns after sending the password or trying to type in the
> password more than once.  Anyone have any idea why it does this or
> experience the problem with a different client or bpl?  Any ideas on
> weather it's a CircleMUD bug or a bug in zMUD?
> It's rather annoying to me also, the only reason I haven't bothered
> looking into it yet is because the MUD that recieves the majority of my
> attention is bpl14 and doesn't have that problem.

I believe that it's Zmud (and other clients, I think another is
rapscalion or some mac client) that don't do the correct thing with the
telnet codes (actually they don't actually do very much of the telnet
protocol from what I've heard from other places) sent to turn echo on
and off.  I never noticed till someone pointed out to me that zmud
messes up.  I use tf which works fine.  It was something added in bpl
16, as George said just reverse the patch on echo_on.


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