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From: Warren Robbins (
Date: 12/29/99

In Re: This and Similar Postings:

Since nobody else pointed out the lack of following policies in the FAQ, I
just decided to check and see if the following message _IS_ CircleMUD
related, as no ObCircle was attached (along with poor grammar, etc, but
I'm not going to go down that road).

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, J P wrote:
> Heh free server.. right
> your smoking some good weed man.
> pass some my way
> --Jason

Upon review, I see that you refer to the previous poster's search for a
free place to serve his CircleMUD.  You, in some small way, assure him
that he will not find such a place, but do not make any sort of reference
toward MUDs, CircleMUD, or other list applicable material.

Now, looking through my modified MUD, I decided to check out what I might
find in relation to the rest of your post[1].

~/circle30bpl16/src$ grep "smoking" *.[ch]
~/circle30bpl16/src$ grep "weed" *.[ch]

As can be seen, no information was found in the source code of the MUD,
and I choose to assume that nothing providing validity to the cited
statements could be found throughout the rest of the CircleMUD package.

I suppose you could call this post "extraneous garbage"--that's what the
whole point of it was to show.

ObCircle (what was lacked before):

I've made my own personal OLC that is commandline like Obuild but more
dynamic, using mostly the same defines as in Oasis to allow it to expand
quickly and easily, and using some of the Oasis 2.0 functions to
de-kludgificate[2] it more.

For it to maintain what it is working with, I store virtual numbers on the
character modifying, and use those numbers to access the prototypes.

My question regarding it is as follows:
Should I see something inherently wrong with editing prototypes directly
rather than modifying duplicates and overwriting/inserting (I do insert
new material, actually)?  It seems to me that it prevents anything too
tragic from two people editting the same thing at the same time (I don't
do any checking of that sort), but maybe somebody else can point out


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