Re: Non-Oasis OLC was: List Policies, Politeness

From: Warren Robbins (
Date: 12/30/99

Mark Heilpern quoted me as saying:
> >ObCircle (what was lacked before):
> >
> >I've made my own personal OLC that is commandline like Obuild but more
> >dynamic, using mostly the same defines as in Oasis to allow it to expand
> >quickly and easily, and using some of the Oasis 2.0 functions to
> >de-kludgificate[2] it more.
> >
> >For it to maintain what it is working with, I store virtual numbers on the
> >character modifying, and use those numbers to access the prototypes.
> >
> >My question regarding it is as follows:
> >Should I see something inherently wrong with editing prototypes directly
> >rather than modifying duplicates and overwriting/inserting (I do insert
> >new material, actually)?  It seems to me that it prevents anything too
> >tragic from two people editting the same thing at the same time (I don't
> >do any checking of that sort), but maybe somebody else can point out
> >problems.

Then he said....
> I'm only speculating here... but don't loaded mobs/objects have pointers that
> point to some of the strings in the prototypes rather than copy the strings,
> to avoid wasting memory? If so, and you change the pointer in the prototype
> rather than just overwriting the space (fair to say you may change the pointer,
> at least if you allow for longer strings), you could run into problems if
> the mob
> or object is loaded in the game when you edit.

I've never had a problem with that, which one might consider strange.  I
remember on one MUD, Obuild would cause problems (read crashes) if an
object or mobile was loaded when being editted.

Maybe if I was somehow allowing my strings to be free()'d, that would be a
problem, but I'm not NULLing anything out.


Hmmm.  Web-based OLC, that'd be neet.  [ponder]

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