From: Alex (
Date: 12/31/99

> > I'm just getting lots of warnings about "(" ")" around "||"
> > and stuff like that..
> You can remove it; the warnings it's issuing won't cause any problems
> with your MUD's operation/compiling.
However, you shouldn't remove the -Wall flag, and should take its
recommendations to heart.  All of the warnings brought out by that
flag indicate some potential problems with your code.

The one above is often found in circumstances such as:
    if (a && b || c)

This indicates a problem with precedence, after all, do you mean that you
should check for 'a and b' or 'c', or do you mean 'a' and 'b or c'?

Items like this should be put into shape such as:
    if (a && (b || c))

Don't ignore these warnings.


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