From: Warren Robbins (robbinsw@ucs.orst.edu)
Date: 01/01/00

I know that this issue comes up a lot, but I'm not going to ask for
implementation or anything of that nature.

I have my own working map system, but I want to cut down memory usage.  At
this point, I'm considering removing all static descriptions from the
wilderness, and just doing dynamic descriptions based on the surrounding
sectors, etc.

I'm also modifying exits so that on the wilderness map, the memory is not
unnecessarily allocated.

I suppose my question is:  How else do people recommend trimming memory
usage for an overworld (approx. 300x200 rooms)?  The area is composed
(ATM) of stock room_data structure types.


BTW, for people considering ASCII map system, there is an article in the
MUD magazine, _Imaginary Realities_ about such an issue.  Follow this URL
and look in the June '99 issue.


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