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Date: 01/02/00

Friday, December 31, 1999, Daniel wrote:

DAK> On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Lavrenty wrote:

>> These are colors from my screen.h :
DAK> What set of codes are these?  These are *NOT* ISO6429/ECMA-48 (which
    These set of codes are experimental. :)
    My friend wrote small program and then look what each code mean.
    He give it to me and I paste these codes in the source.
DAK> replace the ANSI standard) compliant code sequences and should not be
DAK> expected to function properly.
    I have Circle30bpl15 with OasisOLC compiled in Borland C++ 5.02
    I don't know HOW, but it's work. :)

>> #define C_RED          "\x1B[22m"
>> #define C_GREEN        "\x1B[20m"
>> #define C_YELLOW       "\x1B[24m"
>> #define C_BLUE         "\x1B[19m"
>> #define C_MAGENTA      "\x1B[23m"
>> #define C_CYAN         "\x1B[21m"
>> #define C_WHITE        "\x1B[25m"
>> #define C_D_GREY       "\x1B[10m"

DAK> Excerpted from ECMA-048,


DAK> You can download the ECMA-048 standard for free from
DAK> in MS Word or PDF formats.  You'll have to track it down on their web
DAK> site since I've forgotten the specific URL.
     Thanks for information.

Best regards,

ћдаа.. хорошие были когда то ориджины. *sigh*

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