Re: Dual wield

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/02/00

Manafort wrote:
> ok that comma got rid of the errors and it compiled ok but i noticed in the
> log when someone fights the log is filled with Jan 02 18:10:09 :: SYSERR:
> Mob using '((((vict)))->player_specials->saved.pref)'  at
> C:\circle30bpl16\src\fight.c:603.

This error is caused by an attempt to access data for a mob which is
stored only for player characters.  This would normally result in a seg
fault and crash the MUD except that CircleMUD has special code
implemented which catches the error before it crashes the MUD and logs a
syserr message instead allowing continued playing on the MUD.

> ant the 603 keeps going to like 3 diffrent numbers over and over?

The "603" is the line number with the offending code, so 3 different
numbers means that there is 3 different places with such code.

The usual solution for this problem is to explicitly test to make sure
that the character you are getting data for is not a NPC before trying
to access the data.  If you can't figure it out from here then try
posting the offending lines (plus a few lines before and after), and
someone will help you.

Regards, Peter

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