Re: Color

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/03/00

Well seeing as this has absolutely nothing to do with the post that you
responded to I'm assuming you meant to respond to my ohter post in this
same thread.

Rich Allen wrote:
> So why not make "Do you want ANSI color (Y/N)" the very first thing a player sees when
> connecting to the MUD?  That's how I've done it on my VBMUD, and it's how the MUDs I
> play on handle it.

You want to make players answer that question evbery time they log in
just so they can see one single message that never changes displayed in

If you really want to show them something in color when they log in just
put it in the motd or imotd, then you don't have to make them answer
such a redundant question each time they log in.

Regards, Peter

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