Re: Repeating prompts

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 01/03/00

Del wrote:
> First:
> The CircleMUD code was not broken. It did not fail to work in any
> way. All clients worked with the each circlemud version until now.
> (maybe there was a reason it was designed that way years ago??)

I believe that technically it was.  IE the IAC WONT ECHO NAOFFD NAOCRD
is incorrect.  Certainly tf ignores the extra NAOFFD NAOCRD.  And when
put seperately it also ignores them, but they are listed in it's debug
output as being sent.

My guess is that when a client knows about the NAOFFD and NAOCRD it
actually tries to do some negotiation but fails.  I'm not actually sure
why we do the WONT NAOFFD and WONT NAOCRD as I think that's the default
setting anyway.  I'll try testing this later with tcpdump and see what
packets get passed around.

> Second:
> Noone has proven that the clients are broken. (It could be winsock)
> Has anyone researched and pulled apart any of these clients?

Rapscallion is a Mac client and that don't work.  So it's not winsock.
tf for windows works and that is winsock.  So it's not winsock, and it
shouldn't be in the winsock layer, this is the handling of what is done
with the data sent, not how the data is sent.  Next we'll start blaming
the linux kernel for it ;)

I'm still not sure exactly which standard states that we need to send
the NAOFFD and NAOCRD to turn echoing off.  I've not seen any other mud
server actually send the NAOFFD and NAOCRD when turning the echo off.


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