fscanf prob

From: Michael Gallagher (m_gally@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 01/04/00

i've been trying to make the shop's bank account save to a seperate file.
(i know there's probably an easier way to do it but this suits me fine)

this is the code that writes the file:

  if (!(bank = fopen(buf1, "w"))) {
    perror("SYSERR: Error saving bank file");
  fprintf(bank, "%d\n", SHOP_BANK(shop_nr));

and this is the code that reads it:

     if (!(bank = fopen(fbank, "r"))) {
     fscanf(bank, " %d ", temp);
     SHOP_BANK(shop_nr) = temp;

and it saves fine, just when it reads at bootup the mud freezes.
I can't figure out whats wrong.

Any help much appreciated.
Michael Gallagher

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